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Cyprus Today: Turkish Cypriot doctor raises funds for women's health study

By Yasemin Gulpinar

MORE THAN £5,000 has been raised for a women's health study to be carried out in the TRNC by Turkish Cypriot academic Dr. Nilufer Rahmioglu Ramiz. Oxford University-based Dr. Rahmioglu Ramiz raised the money through sponsorship and donations when she sompeted in a five-kilometre run in Helsinki, Finland, which was organised by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) on July 4.

The money will enable Dr. Ramiz to establish the population-based Cyprus Women's Health Research Initiative (COHERE), allowing her to research specific genetic and environmental causes of disease in the TRNC such as endometriosis, so paving the way for effective medical remedies.

More than 300 people took part in the tun which followed the annual ESHRE meeting that attracted some 10,000 scientists, doctors and health industry representatives. Dr. Ramiz gave a talk on her research project at the meeting and the likely causes of endometriosis, which she described as a common and deabilitating women's health condition that can cause severe pelvic pain.

"The one-hour-long run took place after a day packed with throught-provoking scientific presentations and was spent in rain for the second half, which was refreshing." she said afterwards. 

"I want to give my heartfelt thanks for all the contributions and support in this first event towards the creation of a fund for the COHERE study in North Cyprus, an emerging region in Europe for which public health issues have been unexplored to date"

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