Scientific Publications

Improving health care services in Northern Cyprus: a call for research and action

Commentary in European Journal of Public Health, Vol. 22, No. 6, 754–755 (2012)

By Nilufer Rahmioglu¹, Huseyin Naci², Jonathan Cylus³

  1. Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK.
  2. LSE Health, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK.
  3. European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, London, UK.

We call for development of a national population-level data-collection program in Northern Cyprus. We urge policymakers to invest in health information systems that will lay the foundation for evidence-based medicine by identifying risk factors for disease, help set targets for policymaking and enable formal program evaluation strategies. Better information on health care use and expenditure patterns is also needed. Improved data collection will allow for an informed policymaking agenda, continuing dialogue regarding gaps in health care provision and an assessment of whether reforms similar to those in the Republic of Cyprus can be implemented by the Turkish Cypriot government.

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